Was it Magic or Spiritualism?

The Halloween season is upon us. Nowadays we party and make great fun of
witches, ghosts, goblins and the supernatural.

In earlier times 
witchcraft was not held in such a positive or th-10
humorous manner. Indeed anyone  who 
had intuitive sensitivity to the other 
realms, extrasensory perception, or 
any of the other traits that 
would now attribute to the 
medium or psychic, would often 
be accused of being a 
witch (or warlock).

Unfortunately because of prevailing 
superstitions these people would be
punished or even killed in witch 
hunts. People who ever sneaked in back 
doors asking for a love potion to 
attract mates, or curses on their 
competitors, would disavow away any 
knowledge of their psychic neighbor should they come to trial!

Today’s society, more often recognizes such behaviors and abilities
belonging to psychics and mediums as gifts. Instead of love potions and
curses they come to spiritualists asking for advice in life and love,
emotional healing or contact with loved ones who have passed over.

We don’t use boiling cauldrons with “ Double Double toil and trouble” as
Shakespeare’s three witches from Macbeth. Psychics, Mediums and Energy
Healers use connection with the spiritual world to address the questions
and the concerns of today’s clients. People want to learn about
spirituality through their own subjective experience.

Psychics, for example, can help answer questions and provide guidance to a
person who has reached a crossroads in their life. They may have questions
around career change or direction on their own personal relationships.
Today’s Mediums are bringing understanding and comfort to those people who
want to make a connection with their loved ones who have crossed over.
This brings ease and reassurance to many that the spirit does live on
after death of the physical body. Energy Healers and Angel Readers are
connecting with Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to help people’s
understanding that we are not alone on this physical earth, but are
surrounded and supported by Divine Beings.

Psychics, Mediums and Energy Healers have also become teachers and experts
in their field of study with the supernatural. Classes are designed and
taught with specific results in mind. Whether energy medicine or trance
mediumship, from becoming a certified angel reader to soul journeys, they
are taught by shamans and mystics using eastern and western modalities to
unite the greater whole of the universe. 

Happy Halloween!
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Cheryl Murphy is a Gifted Clairvoyant Psychic Medium.She is a heart centered healer and intuitive who helps many with key life issues. Her spiritual readings help those who suffer from grief and mourning and care to connect to loved ones that have passed. Her love psychic readings provide love help and assistance with issues dealing with love and relationships. If you are at a fork in the road, she can help make a decision by connecting you with your spirit guides, who here to assist you at important cross roads.

Though many of Cheryl’s clients interact with Cheryl remotely via phone or Skype, she is available for clairvoyant psychic readingsspiritual readings, and psychic predictions in person in the communities of Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Vail and Aspen, Colorado.

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