Why do souls communicate with us?

I am asked quite often during a reading if our loved ones, who have crossed over, know that we still love them ?Hotline from the Heavens with Cheryl Murphy Psychic Medium

How can our loved ones be here and still be in heaven at the same time? How can they be in 2 places at once?

As Gary Zukov says in his book, The Seat of The Soul, “Where is our soul not?”

I wanted to share with you the answers I received after asking Spirit your questions. 

*Your loved ones want to bring peace and healing to you.

*Their wish is to bring guidance and love from the other side.

*Their wish is to protect you and show you they are here, just in another way.

Souls communicate with us to provide us with a greater sense of awareness that we’re not alone. 

Do our loved ones know we still love them? Yes, they do.

They know that love never dies and … it can even get stronger.

When we miss someone and our hearts are breaking, they are actually breaking open to new depths of love, compassion and forgiveness.

Our hearts are expanding to a larger part of us we did not know before.. bringing us to a better understanding of what death is, to a new way of looking at death as a continuation of the soul’s journey into the light.

If we can just accept the possibility that love continues, we will invite an open mind and an open heart, we can hear from our loved ones, who have crossed over, while we are still on this earth.

Peace & Blessings!

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