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Signs from The Spirit World

Signs from The Spirit World

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Many people ask me in my work as a Spiritual Medium and Psychic, “What do signs from the spirit world look like? How do you know if they are coincidences or really messages from your loved ones who have passed over?”

There are no coincidences. Your loved ones in the spirit world send signs to communicate with you. They want you to know they love you, and that they are supporting you in your life.

One indication that it is a sign from your loved ones is when you have just been thinking  or talking to them .Think about what brought them to mind and be open to anything. A particular name on a license plate, a feather, coins, a cloud formation, all of these things can open a channel for them to communicate with you.

When you see such a sign, acknowledge it. Send a heartfelt “Thank You” and “Love you too” to them. Recognizing and receiving these messages, will encourage your loved ones in spirit to send you more. This will keep you connected to your loved in spirit and know they are watching over you.



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